First listed on: 01 April 2024

Health and Safety Manager


The School
Brisbane Grammar School is a non-denominational boys’ school of about 1900 students (Years 5 to12) overlooking the Brisbane CBD. The School maintains a 150-year strong tradition of academic excellence, extensive cocurricular activities and student wellbeing programs. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated and professional staff who provide an exceptional learning environment responsive to the needs of our students.  

Our Professional Community
Brisbane Grammar School values the professionalism of our staff and seeks to nurture a dynamic learning culture at the School for both students and staff. The School provides freedom for staff to be creative and innovative, and to develop and grow. 

About the role
The Workplace Health and Safety Manager is responsible for implementing and overseeing the School's health and safety strategy, programs, and policies. This role actively leads and manages a culture of health and safety. This role ensures a safe and compliant work environment, identifies potential hazards, and manages safety-related initiatives and training programs.

This position is 0.8 FTE - Term Time.

Key Responsibilities

Workplace Health and Safety Management Strategy

  • Implementing the strategy and fostering a culture of safety.
  • Implement workplace health and safety management systems programs and evaluate policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all laws and rules about health and safety are followed.
  • Create, implement, and evaluate the School's WH&S management system. Ensure that all WHS systems are up to date and undergo routine reviews.

Safety Culture

  • Monitor, evaluate, and suggest corrective action for workplace hazards.
  • Oversee safety inspections and audits.
  • Offer assistance to every employee, guarantee they are well-informed about WH&S matters, and help employees identify any safety concerns.
  • Work with the facility manager regarding site safety protocols and protocols, especially when the School's master plan is being built or renovated.
  • Provide staff with regular updates on WH&S and compliance data.
  • Create awareness of ergonomics, manual handling, and how to prevent trips, falls, and slips.
  • Develop, coordinate or deliver health and safety training programs for employees and contractors.
  • Promote a culture of safety awareness and compliance.
  • Keep employees informed about safety policies and procedures.


  • Provide the Senior Leadership Team with regular updates on the state of WH&S, along with recommendations that will ensure the School continues to be a safe place to work strategically and operationally.
  • Inspections and Audits
    • As needed, organise, plan and carry out routine safety inspections of every section of the School.
    • Organise internal safety audits by taking a school tour.
    • Develop an audit calendar.

Incident Reporting and Management

  • Notify the Executive Director of People & Culture of any incidents involving WH&S that are reportable.
  • Responsible for the Return-to-Work program
  • Oversee the examination of claims, accidents, and complicated incidents.

Record Keeping and Documentation

  • Review and oversee the Incident Reporting System to keep the proper WH&S records current.
  • Assist the Facility Manager in keeping track of the contractors' and consultants' site orientation.
  • Ensure the required SOPs are developed and maintained.
  • Support staff in implementing the SOP’s.


  • Communicate with department employees responsible for materials and equipment to ensure they are kept in good condition and safe to use.
  • Assist the Cleaning Manager and the cleaners in ensuring chemicals are disposed of and stored safely.
  • Assist all areas that utilise chemicals to maintain an updated chemical register and current safety. All chemicals on site have data sheets kept on file and are easily accessible.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Identify potential safety risks and hazards in the workplace.
  • Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies and action plans.
  • Investigate accidents, near misses, and incidents and recommend preventive measures. Put the recommended corrective actions into action.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

  • In charge of emergency evacuation plans and making sure that protocols are followed
  • In charge of reviewing, creating, and carrying out the Critical Incidents Plan (CIP) and Emergency Evacuation Plan (EMP)
  • Examine and refine emergency response and critical incident management procedures, including drills.
  • Perform drills and exercises to ensure preparedness.
  • Ensure drills and exercises are planned and executed
  • Work with the Fire Safety Officers and Warden to ensure compliance with Fire Safety.

Staff Wellbeing

  • Serve as a point of contact for staff seeking guidance or assistance related to their wellbeing. Offer confidential support, counselling referrals, and resources to address personal and professional challenges.
  • In consultation with the Executive Director, People and Culture conducts regular assessments and surveys to measure the effectiveness of wellbeing programs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Inform and use data analysis to inform decision-making and program development.
  • Work with the Executive Director of People and Culture to develop marketing and communication strategies to raise awareness of wellbeing initiatives and encourage staff participation.
  • Utilise the prescribed communication platforms to disseminate information about staff wellbeing to staff.

Key Competencies

  • WHS framework development and implementation
  • Management of risk
  • Communication skills
  • Change management
  • Attention to detail and analytical thinking
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Initiative and proactivity
  • Coordination with SLT, Middle Leaders and Staff
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Time management


  • Bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health, environmental science, or related field
  • 5+ years of experience in safety management
  • Strong communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills

Application process
Brisbane Grammar School recognises the value of diverse thinking, and we encourage qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply. To better understand what it means to join BGS, please review the information on our website and social media accounts before submitting your application. You should also familiarise yourself with our key policies and procedures available on the School website, which may assist you during the recruitment process.

Our organisation is committed to protecting children and young people from harm. We require all applicants to undergo a screening process prior to appointment. Candidates must disclose any information relevant to their eligibility to engage in activities involving children.

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