A parliamentary inquiry has heard Australian horticulture is ripe for indebted labour akin to slavery.

A large-scale review has found the NDIS will be rolled out late, and could rely on foreign workers.

Victoria is on the verge of achieving the ‘holy grail’ of 95 per cent immunisation.

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner says recent scandals should be used to shine a light on ...

The lack of leg space on commercial flights could prevent passengers from bracing in a plane crash.

The Federal Government has approved the free delivery of an updated vaccine.

The NSW Government is considering high-tech triple-0 service upgrades, but there are privacy concerns already.

Public health advocates want tobacco companies to advertise the lethality of their products.

Queensland has introduced legislation to ban donations to local and state politicians from property developers, but not unions.

The Federal Government has announced a major private health shakeup, but some say it should go further.

Media reports about vaginal mesh lawsuits have scared people off procedures that could improve their health ...

A new report has plotted human rights risks in the operations and supply chains of ...

The Department of Defence says it should have warned the public about PFAS contamination earlier.

FIFO workers for Adani’s Carmichael mine will come from both Townsville and Rockhampton, the company says.

A company offering testosterone to increase male libido has been fined for false advertising.

From useless to deadly, consumer group Choice has handed out its annual Shonky Awards to the dodgiest products in Australia.

The WA coroner says doctors failed to properly check blood test results of a man who died at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH).

Electricians working on $200 million Sydney Opera House renovations have walked off the job following the discovery of asbestos.

Claims of a disturbing new ‘mass surveillance’ regime have been raised after a COAG ...

Australian scientists have created a new wound-sealing glue.

Federal insurer Comcare’s attempt to recoup payments to an ACT government employee have been labelled “unconscionable”.

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