About a third of people working in public administration report being victims of sexual harassment at work.

Federal authorities have been pulled into the ongoing strawberry contamination saga.

October is National Safe Work Month, and authorities want all companies to use it to take stock of their safety initiatives.

Three companies have been fined after a fatal incident involving a commercial recycling bin.

Cranes have been shut down across Victoria for safety checks.

A new program seeks to deliver widespread mental health messages to construction workers.

The mining industry is being confronted about the danger of underground diesel fumes.

The Prime Minister has ordered a royal commission into Australia's aged-care sector.

South Australian prison guards are on strike over privatisation plans.

Vaccination rates appear to have increased since welfare payments were cut for unvaccinated children.

Authorities and academics are teaming up in NSW to improve work health and safety research expertise.

New research could show why so many older drivers crash at roundabouts.

This week is Queensland’s Electricity Safety Week.

A Victorian coroner has recommended open-flue gas heaters be phased out following the death of a 62-year-old woman.

Thousands of people are seeking damages over Roundup herbicides in the US, causing concern about what will happen in Australia.

A Brisbane construction company has been fined $405,000 over the deaths of two workers.

An investigation has found Port Pirie Hospital staff failed to provide care to elderly patient who died from a severe bedsore.

CSIRO has completed a three-year study of air quality in CSG-heavy areas of Queensland.

WA safety authorities are focusing on issues in workplaces where scientific testing and analysis is carried out.

Firefighters are gaining control over a factory fire in Melbourne’s west that has burned for nearly a week.

SA has approved trials of a controversial mining technology that is banned in other states.

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