West Australian frontline police officers will soon be supplied with stab-proof vests.

A Panama-based company faces millions in fines for allegedly spilling tonnes of oil near the Great Barrier Reef.

A South Australian senator has called for immediate action to protect rural nurses.

A construction company manager has been arrested amid a war between builders and unions in Victoria.

The Federal Aged Care Minister has responded to reports of exploitation at retirement villages ...

Multiple investigations are gathering details on the collision of a tanker and a US warship.

An aviation expert says people should think twice before booking the cheapest flights they can find.

An unnecessary stoush is growing between the WA and federal government over the NDIS.

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has been slammed for leaving a mine safety levy and trust fund $10 million in debt.

A new study warns Australia has drastically underestimated the threat of climate change.

Michaelia Cash has joined an argument between the TWU, ABC and aviation services company, Aerocare.

The Queensland Police Union has partnered with the Queensland Police Service to develop vital mental health strategies for officers.

Melbourne's Lord Mayor says the city is “very close” to fixing potentially dangerous cladding at 17 of the city's buildings.

A hefty sneeze can fling bacteria up to 4 metres, where it remains alive for up to 45 minutes.

The boss of NSW’s largest electricity user says Australian politicians should be “brave” and consider nuclear energy.

Experts say Australia needs to reduce the risks that people face in their golden years.

The Federal Government has avoided liability for treatment of Manus Island refugees by ...

Researchers are investigating the idea of attaching defibrillators to drones.

Victoria has doubled funding for security in public hospitals after a disturbing attack on a surgeon.

Experts say the federal government should establish a national injury prevention plan to cut the massive costs of hospitalisation of children.

The Therapeutic Drugs Administration (TGA) has issued another recall of Valium.

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