Comcare figures show mental health claims from federal public servants have hit $74 million in a single year.

The Federal Government could phase out harmful firefighting chemicals.

Unions are preparing for Amazon’s foray into Australia.

Public health risk experts have pushed for high-tech solutions to keep beachgoers safe from sharks.

Researchers have come up with a cheap, rapid test to identify disease-causing bacteria that have developed resistance to the so-called ‘antibiotic of last resort’, colistin.

The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) says NSW ambulance crews are struggling with a failing radio network.

Experts say the way foods are labelled creates unnecessary risks for kids with allergies.

The WA Police Union has called for a national inquiry into police suicide.

A review of Australian consumer law has called for tougher penalties.

Widespread mockery is the latest hurdle in the Federal Government’s plan to move APVMA workers to Armidale.

The Tasmanian Government has launched a new plan to create mentally healthy workplaces.

The 457 category has been abolished and replaced with two new and more stringent visas.

New South Wales is facing the spectre of a measles outbreak, with 16 cases confirmed in the Sydney’s west.

Australian experts say they are “deeply concerned” by the death of a woman from an antibiotic-resistant bacterium.

The NSW Government has ditched the Safe Schools sexuality and gender diversity programme.

Experts say increased CSG extraction could result in more methane emissions in QLD’s Condamine River.

Health experts say 800 Australians die per year from prescription pain killer overdoses, but that number could continue to rise.

New research suggests that disease from air pollution has increased in the last 25 years, and prevention measures in the most polluted countries are needed to prevent more loss of life.

High levels of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment have been revealed in Northern Territory emergency services.

Authorities say boxers do more to protect their heads when they are not wearing helmets.

The NSW Government has launched a $6 million community legal centre rescue package.

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