NSW residents want a water rebate to pay for their dirty laundry.

A NSW court ruling has called the accuracy of roadside drug tests into question.

A West Australian police officer has been found guilty of two counts of assault after tasering a driver following a random breath test.

A court has heard waste management company Cleanaway failed to properly train a driver ...

At least 19 former hydro workers in Tasmania claim exposure to dangerous chemicals has left them with chronic health conditions.

Local experts have come up with a single vaccine to simultaneously combat two of the world’s most deadly respiratory diseases.

It has long been believed that commercial pilots are at higher risk of melanoma, but new research suggests that may not be the case.

Mining giant BHP is facing a US$5 billion claim over Brazil's worst environmental disaster.

The uncoupling of healthcare from aged care could have worrying results, experts say.

Tech giants have pledged to work with governments and each other to combat the threat of violent extremism on the internet.

A US jury has ordered Monsanto to pay $US2 billion ($2.8b) to a couple who contracted cancer after using the commonly used weedkiller, Roundup.

Concern has been raised about children being “held like caged animals” in police watch houses ...

New stats show a drop in antibiotic use for the first time in decades, but overuse still persists.

The Food Safety Information Council has some tips for keeping democracy sausages safe this weekend.

The Department of Defence has been charged over the death of a soldier killed in a live fire training exercise.

The Federal Government has been warned of measles vaccine shortages.

Australian scientists say the internet’s ‘trustability’ protocols are severely broken.

A new study suggests prison sentences do not significantly reduce rates of future violent crime.

Unsealed rainwater tanks have been linked to Dengue outbreaks.

SA taxpayers have paid almost $20 million for bullying, harassment and fatigue at state hospitals.

A new report warns of a corrosion risk for Australia’s fleet of Joint Strike Fighter jets.

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