The Defence Department is continuing to respond to PFAS contamination near old RAAF bases.

Things are getting rough at a union blockade of the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT).

Farm fatality rates in NSW have not improved for more than a decade.

A review has found the NT St John Ambulance service to be satisfactory, but the paramedics’ union disagrees.

The main insurance industry lobby says people are using social media to “pressure” insurers into paying out claims, costing them millions.

The NT EPA has approved a controversial hazardous waste storage facility and salt mine.

Experts have warned that Australians are being placed at risk by government inaction on dangerous pollutants.

The WA Building Commission is preparing to release a list of up to 150 strata properties with potentially combustible cladding.

An anti-nuclear group founded in Australia has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and used the attention to call for a complete ban on atomic weapons.

The ETU wants the NT to introduce industrial manslaughter laws following the death of a worker at the Inpex Ichthys LNG plant.

Cycling advocates say around 60 per cent of cyclists believe they should be able to ride without a helmet if they want.

NSW authorities have issued Tip Top bread delivery trucks with defect notices.

The Medical Board of Australia says it will crack down on dangerous doctors.

South Australia has passed new safety laws for nurses and other health professionals.

A survey of NDIS providers shows many are struggling to keep up ...

A class action by 6,000 people has started almost 7 years after Queensland’s fatal floods.

The Federal Government has finally announced blood tests will be offered to Katherine residents affected by toxic firefighting foam.

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