Embattled training giant Evocca College is closing more campuses.

Workers are on strike at Adelaide’s ASC shipbuilding yards.

More than a month after a horrific incident in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall, the effects are still being felt.

It is slow going at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where high levels of radiation continue to hamper efforts.

Safework NSW has hit the road to spread the word of good work, health and safety approaches.

The Victorian Government is keeping its ban on the sale of portable ethanol burners in place.

Farm safety advocates say embarrassment about mistakes could cost lives.

Gold Coast residents say a lack of safety is holding back development.

The Tasmanian Government is seeking input on a quad bike safety review.

Upgrades have been announced at Melbourne’s high security mental health facility.

A company that built portable buildings using asbestos-contaminated materials is fighting calls for it to be removed.

Nurses are calling for the right to refuse treatment to aggressive patients.

Key transport groups say they have been left out of a Transport Workers Union safety summit.

Victoria’s Southern 80 waterskiing competition has seen its sixth death since 1987.

We are moving into an age where many people will live virtual lives, but little is known about the potential health effects.

Politicians say the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) will struggle to cope with its first winter flu season.

Workers are rallying against NT WorkSafe after a spate of accidents including the death of a sailor last month.

Victoria has become the third Australian state to offer free meningococcal W vaccines for school students.

Health experts say the lack of a strong approach to the Australian obesity epidemic is ‘unacceptable’.

WorkSafe Victoria has become a major sponsor of the Melbourne Victory soccer club.

A NSW coal mine worker has been diagnosed with the state’s first case of black lung since...

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Rates of autism diagnosis have increased 20 fold over the last 30 years, and no, it’s not because of vaccines.

NASA has sent a robot into space that will hitchhike through the Solar System on the back of an asteroid.

I went to a science talk looking for controversy but all I found was science.

‘Ninety-seven per cent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming’ – a statement about agreement that not everyone agrees on.

There is excitement in the world of astronomy, with suggestions our solar system could contain a never-before-seen planet.

Researchers say they have evidence that an object about ten times the mass of Earth has been hiding in the outer solar system.

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