There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

The chief of a bus company has been recognised for his efforts in keeping workers safe.

Google has released data reportedly showing its driverless cars are safer than those with human operators.

Continued efforts to keep Mt Isa residents safe from themselves have not worked, with authorities now ramping up restrictions on swimming in ‘Poison Waterhole’.

The Federal Government has begun to finalise the terms of reference for its enquiry into deaths related to a government home insulation scheme, but already it has been called a political witch-hunt.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has taken steps in response to the horrendous working conditions of many factories in Bangladesh, following the recent deaths of over a thousand workers.

Feedback has shown people feel safer on public transport when there are protective service officers (PSOs) around, but the overall perception is probably not what the police were aiming for.

Statistics say 18,000 people will die and 50,000 will be left with permanent disability this year as the result of a medical mistake, or ‘adverse medical event’.

A recent university report has been used to highlight the dangers of understaffed emergency rooms and facilities, with figures showing a 15 per cent higher hospital death rate on weekends.

There are plenty of workplace issues that can cross legal boundaries, and in the United States the theft of a delicious gelatine-based treat is now one of them.

As NSW experiences one of the worst fire seasons in decades, WorkCover NSW has waived the five-day asbestos removal notification to allow immediate clean-ups.

An Australian mining office Kyrgyzstan has been attacked by forces opposed to a gold-mining project.

WorkSafe authorities in Western Australia are launching a crack-down on the use of sleeper cabs on long-distance trips.

Corruption claims have rocked the heavy vehicle industry, calling into question the safety standards of hundreds of trucks and transporters.

Governments in Asia continue to use asbestos as a building material, putting generations of lives at risk with virtually no regulation.

WorkSafe ACT is conducting a sweep of cafes and restaurants across the Territory, looking specifically for risks and hazards that could befall employees.

The smoke and fumes from industry, transport and agriculture have been officially recognised as cancerous.

As fires rage across New South Wales, a Red Cross report reiterates the importance of the technological response to disasters.

Woolworths is under more pressure to sign on to a voluntary safety accord as more workers die in India making products for the rest of the world.

The Chinese government has announced it will shut 2,000 coal mines by 2015 to clean up the industry’s quality and safety record.

VicRoads has allowed nearly a hundred Cootes Transport trucks to operate on Victorian roads, after dozens were sidelined over safety breaches.

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