The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum says fatalities have dropped in the last thirteen years despite massive increases in the amount of workers.

The second week of Safe Work Australia Month has coincided with National Mental Health Week, causing organisers to remind all workers that mental health and safety is a workplace issue as well.

Figures reportedly obtained by Australian media sources show work on Tasmanian sections of the National Broadband Network has ground to a halt.

Inspectors have been called in to have a look into transparency in Victoria’s Latrobe City Council tender process.

This month is WorkSafe Tasmania month, during which Unions across the state have embarked on a quest to find out how much bullying is going on, and what can be done about it.

Dangerous defects have forced Cootes Transport to pull dozens of its trucks off the road.

A new facility for the Australian Federal Police will allow agents greater access and abilities at the Melbourne Airport.

The Australian Workers’ Union is putting on seminars in Western Australia to warn miners of the diseases that could be drifting right in front of them.

New legislation is on the way in New South Wales, with the state government taking over registration and reporting on swimming pools.

There is a claim today that new construction safety laws could actually endanger workers.

A survey in the latest Medical Journal of Australia holds the concerning finding that more than half of female doctors report being sexually harassed by patients.

Mining giant Rio Tinto is helping usher in the robot revolution, with its plan to replace some of the world’s highest-paid train drivers with robotic equivalents.

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