Major business lobbies say the Government is trying to rush IR amendments through Parliament with no consultation.

A coalition of major Australian business entities, including the Business Council of Australia, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and others, has expressed deep concern over the lack of public scrutiny in the government’s industrial legislative process.

The government's push to implement changes to workplace relations within a single week before Christmas has raised concerns among the employer groups. 

They argue that the approach leaves insufficient time for a thorough debate on laws that could significantly impact the entire economy.

Expressing their apprehension, the business organisations call for an extension of the Senate Committee Report on the Fair Work Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill. 

They insist on a more comprehensive investigation and public scrutiny of the numerous hidden amendments proposed by the government.

Critics argue that the current policy, if implemented, would impose additional costs and complexities on Australian businesses and workers, exacerbating the challenges posed by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

The government's attempts to address criticism by making last-minute amendments have further fueled concerns. 

These modifications, according to the business groups, do little to alleviate the fundamental issues within the 800 pages of legislation. They maintain that the Bill remains confusing, complex, and costly.

The lobbies claim the Bill would lead to less flexible jobs and a 25 per cent income reduction for up to 2.7 million casual employees, increased food delivery prices, expanded union access to workplaces, additional complexities for small businesses, and erosion of the self-employment rights of various professionals.