A bill allowing fire-fighters to access automatic compensation for work-linked cancers has passed the upper house in South Australia.

The legislation was put forward by the Greens and aims to allow fire-fighters access to funds when they are diagnosed with a range of cancers known to be caused by inhalation of certain materials.

The bill would extend a compensation scheme which currently provides paid fire-fighters cancer compensation.

Labor members opposed the bill, which was co-sponsored by the Liberal party, but one MP says it should be a clear choice for both sides.

Liberal MP Dan van Holst Pellakaan has told Parliament that independent MP and Government minister Geoff Brock should break ranks.

“He understands this issue and before the last election he was lock, step with us on this issue... and I call on him to not change his principle.

“He said that if he joins the Labor Government he will not change his principles on regional development,” van Holst Pellakaan said.

It now is being debated in the House of Assembly.

The South Australian Government has copped criticism for not previously giving Country Fire Service volunteers (CFS) equal access to compensation as professional fire-fighters.

A verdict on whether or not to include CFS members in the scheme is expected later this year.