Thousands of people have applied for buy-backs in the wake of last year’s NSW Northern Rivers flooding catastrophe.

A truck driver has been charged for secretly working while receiving workers compensation payments.

Researchers say efforts are needed to prevent injury in circus artists.

The maritime union is making an underpayment claim following a fine of over $2 million.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is seeking views on quad bike safety.

A new Red Cross report claims all countries are “dangerously unprepared” for the next pandemic.

South Australia's head of child protection has stepped down.

Authorities are scrambling to find a potentially deadly radioactive capsule lost in the WA desert.

The Queensland Government is planning new hate crime laws.

Tens of thousands of serious incidents have been reported in a new scheme by the aged care watchdog.

SafeWork NSW and NSW Police are checking that food delivery riders and platforms are complying with new safety laws.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says action must be taken to protect children from contaminated medicines.

Australian researchers have modelled 104 combinations of measures to determine the best COVID policy.

Light-activated nanotech has been used to eradicate some of the most notorious and potentially deadly bacteria in the world.

A new disclosure scheme will allow NSW women and men to check their partner's violence history online.

French scientists have used a powerful laser as a lightning rod.

Two new studies detail the extent and risks of microplastic pollution.

A new study of domestic and hospital drinking water systems found Legionella in 41 per cent of samples.

Experts say Australia’s ports could bear the brunt of a changing climate.

Authorities say COVID is now the 3rd highest cause of death in Australia.

A review has revealed thousands of reports of misconduct in disability group homes.

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