The AIS has launched new measures to monitor the wellbeing of Australian athletes, coaches and officials.

Up to 267 million people worldwide are at risk from sea-level rise.

Experts have assessed the lungs of people exposed to the Hazelwood coal fire in 2014.

An inquiry could be held into widespread sexual harassment on mine sites.

Experts are using AI to improve premature baby care.

An Auditor-General's report says patient care at the Ballarat Health Service is “at risk”.

Research suggests young people experienced higher rates of psychological distress in the early days of COVID-19.

Queensland Health is bringing in private debt collectors to recoup millions of dollars in unpaid hotel quarantine bills.

A mouse plague has forced the evacuation of a NSW prison.

The Federal Government has been forced to reveal its plans for phasing out caged eggs.

A Tasmanian coroner has found the deaths of two men who fell down a mine chute were “completely avoidable”.

An electrician has been charged after leaving an untrained apprentice unattended on a 2-storey roof.

Buyers have been blocked from moving into new Sydney apartments after “extensive signs of cracking” ...

Authorities in NSW are studying emerging safety issues in farming.

The director of a ballooning company has pleaded guilty after a tourist's death near Alice Springs.

A grant scheme aimed at health and safety initiatives for young workers and women has been reopened.

Experts say dementia must be recognised as a disability.

The Chinese government has acknowledged there are damaged fuel rods in a reactor at a nuclear plant near Hong Kong, days after denying the incident.

Experts have proposed using a ‘buddy system’ to ensure healthcare workers put on their PPE correctly.

A company accused of using forced labour is still supplying parts for new Melbourne trains.

Experts say a ‘herd immunity’ approach to COVID-19 in WA would have cost the state almost $5 billion.

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