The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has introduced changes after a soldier was killed during a live-fire training exercise.

The NSW Government has launched a new framework to improve mental health at work.

The Queensland Government has put up a $5 million medical research grant for dust lung disease.

Mathematicians say they might be able to predict and quickly detect bushfires caused by powerlines.

Australian health workers could face legal risks if they make triage decisions during a disaster.

A group of Australian teenagers has had a breakthrough in their climate change class action case against the Commonwealth.

Universities Australia is preparing a major survey on student safety on campus.

The Queensland Police Service has been charged with breaching OHS laws over the use of road spikes.

Mouse infestations are knocking the hopes of farmers in NSW.

New research suggests contamination from nuclear tests at Maralinga could be worse than previously thought.

Research has revealed a high rate of gig economy workers having to work through injuries.

Nyrstar has accepted responsibility for a toxic waste leak into Port Pirie waterways in 2019.

A new survey suggests marketing is key to vaccine uptake.

Australian engineers have come up with a new antimicrobial surface that massively reduces bacteria build-up.

Australia needs cyber tools to keep up in the space arms race, according to the head of the national Space Agency.

Woodside Energy has given some details on how it codes its robots.

Businesses are outraged at being made to fund mental health services in Victoria.

The Federal Government has been accused of holding back bushfire relief funds to help its election chances.

Farmers and residents are turning to double-strength poison baits amid an ongoing mouse plague in NSW.

Experts say disabled academics often lack support from their institutions.

Experts say urban megaprojects are depriving communities of their water-related human rights.

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