SafeWork NSW has launched a construction compliance blitz.

WA authorities are working on a new code of practice covering violence and aggression at work.

With thousands of Australians still working from home, researchers have looked at ways to preserve mental health in the new environment.

The Federal Government continues to insist Roundup is safe, even after a $16 billion settlement in the US.

The new national workplace exposure standard for respirable crystalline silica takes effect on July 1.

SA Health says two cases of a dangerous bacteria recently detected in babies are not related.

The Federal Government says a $10 million boost to the eSafety Commissioner’s budget will help local cyber safety.

Rules aimed at protecting patients from faulty medical devices have been delayed.

An Adelaide nurse has been found to have administered wrong the vaccines to children and doctored records.

Australia will soon be home to half of the most sensitive telescope ever.

Experts have proposed changing the Closing the Gap measures.

New research shows Australian companies do better when they have more women in leadership.

Australia’s chief scientist says the nation must do more to lift energy efficiency.

Researchers say the world is experiencing its sixth mass extinction.

There is a type of small Australian lizard that sits in an interesting evolutionary middle ground.

Scott Morrison gave a vague address about cyber-security last week, and now experts have fleshed out his message.

New figures suggest Australia’s big money COVID-19 responses will not require serious austerity to repay.

Jail terms have been handed down in the first prosecution under Queensland's new industrial manslaughter laws.

The Prime Minister is pushing IR changes as a method to get the Australian economy moving after COVID-19.

Experts say air pollution threatens brain health.

Safe Work Australia has released new guidance to help small businesses manage their return to work.

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