West Gate Tunnel builders are seeking to terminate their contract with the Victorian Government.

London will soon be policed by real-time facial recognition cameras.

The ABCC is increasing the number of workplace inspectors.

The owners of Queensland theme park Dreamworld have paid out millions in compensation, but are expected to pay several times more.

Labor is again pushing for a federal anti-corruption commission.

A new study suggests regulations designed to limit lead levels in children may be working.

New microscopic sensors developed in Australia could make aircraft safer, improve the lives of diabetics and help those who rely on prosthetics.

The world’s first public database of mine tailings dams has been launched to prevent deadly disasters.

The discovery of contaminated soil could see over 100 workers on Victoria’s West Gate Tunnel project sacked.

Homicide charges have been laid over a dam disaster last year that killed more than 250 people.

Unions and business want more guidance on bushfire smoke at worksites and offices.

Blue Mountains City Council has accepted a $513,880 enforceable undertaking over alleged safety contraventions.

A cleaning company has been fined $30,000 after a worker fell 5.5 metres from the awning of a Victorian church.

Experts say houses should not be built in bushfire-prone areas.

The NSW Government has proposed measures to clamp down on dodgy developers.

Almost one in five Queensland stonemasons appear to have a potentially deadly lung disease.

Reports say around 157 Australians died at work in 2019.

The true rate of assault on Northern Territory paramedics has been underreported, insiders say.

A new coronavirus first discovered in China is beginning to spread.

Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki are running voluntary recalls of more than 18,000 vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 1999 over airbag safety concerns.

There is concern that water catchments across NSW could be contaminated with flame retardant chemicals from the bushfire crisis.

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