A federal agency appears to have knowingly downplayed its role in contaminating airport sites with toxic firefighting foam.

A US firefighter says Australia’s smoke alarm policies put lives at risk.

Researchers are working on ‘smart’ machine components that alert users when they are damaged or worn.

The AFP is working on software to prevent staff being exposed to distressing digital evidence.

More and more Australians are having defibrillators surgically inserted each year.

Thousands of Australians turn up to work high on ice each day, a new report says.

Nuclear fuel rods that have underpinned Australia’s high-tech research and medicine are on their way to France.

The NSW Government is giving all schoolgirls the option of wearing shorts and pants instead of skirts and dresses.

Residents in PFAS-affected areas have described their lives as a “living hell”.

A Senate inquiry is looking at the legal response to industrial deaths in Australia.

Ambulance Victoria will review its debt collection processes after claims it has “unethically” pursued bills.

The federal Future Fund is reportedly benefiting from widespread underpayment and exploitation ...

Politicians appear to be turning against the My Health Record scheme, something both major parties have backed in the past.

Australians who regularly use sunscreen in childhood can reduce their risk of developing melanoma by 40 per cent, new research shows.

Leaders of the tech world have signed a global pledge against autonomous weapons.

Reports say there are about 15,000 people living in some form of slavery in Australia.

A new submission to a federal inquiry says PFAS contamination could be much more widespread than previously believed.

This week is national Farm Safety Week, a time to shine a light on the issues facing one of Australia’s highest risk industries.

Western Australian firefighters will soon receive $8.7 million in funding for a crew-cab protection program.

Authorities say deteriorating conditions at some EDs are putting patients’ health and safety at risk.

Experts have proposed a tax on building materials to fund the removal of asbestos.

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