Kathy Jackson has been hit with 70 charges of theft and deception-related offences.

Airservices Australia says investigators are assessing the impact of toxic firefighting chemicals at airports nationwide.

Victoria will ban exploration and development of unconventional gas, including coal seam gas and fracking.

Embattled transport firm McAleese is entering voluntary administration.

NSW Health has issued its report on disturbing gas mix ups at a Sydney hospital.

Biomedical engineers say the world needs a better standard for sunglasses.

As work on Adelaide’s new hospital continues to lag, maintenance at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is not keeping up.

The Queensland Government will launch a parliamentary review into the resurgence of black lung, or coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (CWP).

The Victorian Government plans to legalise Uber by imposing a $2 levy on all taxi and ride-sharing trips.

More asbestos-tainted products have turned up on an Australian worksite.

The Queensland Government has decreased new land valuations on properties near a contaminated aviation base.

Over-the-counter laser pointers can be harmful to eyesight, a new review says.

A national survey of sexual harassment and sexual assault is now open...

Doctors say ‘bagpipe lung’ is a very real risk for players of wind instruments.

Reports say Sydney’s Barangaroo worksite has some of the highest rates of injuries and near-misses in Australia.

The COAG Energy Council has outlined steps to energy market reform.

Shonky doctors could be forced to face a panel of their peers.

Voting on Victoria’s controversial CFA pay deal will not happen until a Supreme Court trial is over.

A mass gastro outbreak in New Zealand has been blamed on contaminated water.

Records suggest cases of ‘black lung’ were known about before its official ‘re-emergence’.

An inquest into a worker’s death in 2013 will look at whether the victim was doing hazardous work without adequate safety.

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