Research suggests lower-ranked public servants can use sexual harassment to take their bosses down a notch.

The LNP has promised to review drinking water standards after contamination by toxic chemicals near Defence bases.

Ethicists have warned other countries against taking on Australia’s abusive immigration system.

A scientific review has found that the economic benefits of South Australia's nuclear waste storage proposal are based on shaky assumptions and may be unethical.

Ambulance Tasmania says there has been a worrying rise in attacks on paramedics.

Suicide rates among Indigenous people in some parts of the Kimberly are ten times the global average.

Decisions made decades ago could explain why many consumers still reject genetically modified foods.

A major survey of health concerns of people in Mr Fluffy houses has been extended.

Tasmania's Health Minister has been criticised over hospital funding soon after he announced emergency department money.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says coal power leads to about 6.5 million premature deaths per year.

Authorities say there should be a much lower fire risk following a $620 million upgrade of wooden power poles in WA.

Australian researchers are looking at the benefits and dangers of ‘study drugs’.

It does not take much water to push cars off the road.

ANZ has warned that Australia’s shift to a services economy could create a skilled labour shortage by 2030.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking legal action over claims made by electronic cigarette sellers.

The Productivity Commission has again warned of the rise of the machines.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) says rampant over-prescription is adding to the ‘superbug’ threat.

Experts say Australian coal dust exposure limits are not meeting international standards, and should be more stringent.

While society begins to realise that gender is not binary, many of the world’s 25 million transgender people still experience stigma, prejudice and abuse.

Almost $4 billion will be spent on 3,000 new prison beds into the New South Wales prison system over the next four years.

Queensland’s state-owned power companies will soon merge into a $24 billion entity.

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