Fifteen Australians have been killed at work so far this year. 

Three former Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) executives will be on trial in the first criminal trial linked to the Fukushima crisis.

Two of Australia’s largest and most powerful unions are one step closer to merging.

As robots take on more human abilities, a new report on the future of the workforce has been released.

Doctors and addiction experts will conduct pill testing at NSW festivals, with or without the support of the Government.

Tech experts have reviewed the botched handling of WA’s hospital digitisation program.

The Prime Minister is under more pressure from the Neolithic faction of the LNP.

A review has found Melbourne’s protective services officers (PSO) have made train passengers feel safer, but it is hard to tell if they actually are safer.

An official review has found the national hospital hand-washing campaign to be effective, but quite expensive.

Experts say Australian children who are exposed to higher levels of lead are more likely to show increased aggressive behaviour in adulthood, and to commit an assault that results in death.

Experts say something must be done to prevent more deaths on one of the most dangerous vehicles in Australia.

Authorities say asbestos is still being used on Australian building sites.

Thirteen NSW union officials have been accused of unlawful blockades and work disruptions, and were served with notices to appear in the court this week.

A baby at the centre of a passionate immigration policy fight has been transferred to community detention.

Workers have walked off site after man was fatally crushed in a scissor lift at the Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

New figures show Australia is slacking off on immunisation, and could be putting people at risk.

Rescuers are close to reaching a man that has been trapped underground for days at an Australian-owned mine in Indonesia.

The employer of a man who died in a Tasmanian workplace accident two years ago says he was “one of the best”.

German carmakers Volkswagen and Daimler have launched a recall of 1.5 million vehicles in the United States due to potentially faulty airbags.

South Australia is lining itself up as the new home of nuclear waste in Australia.

A senior union figure has been held up as an example of “an intolerable culture that prevails” in the CFMEU.

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