Local research body the Climate Council says the probability of drought in Australia will increase, and they will become more severe.

A study using over a decade of data has found no evidence of negative effects in livestock fed on genetically-modified foods.

Two crew members will be on the flight deck of any aircraft with 50 seats or more, following changes made by Australian regulators this week.

The Transport Workers' Union is fighting against the Federal Government’s moves to abandon the road safety watchdog.

Australian researchers are taking a high-tech approach to safety lighting, with a new system that is well aware of its own faults.

West Australian authorities want to reduce the death toll in one of Australia’s most dangerous sectors – agriculture.

The CFMEU wants to end the practice of stocking coal mines with a 100 per cent FIFO workforce.

A new study suggests very fit men in their late forties are less likely to get lung cancer and bowel cancer than unfit men.

The CFMEU may have reversed its opposition to mandatory drug testing on construction sites, following an engaging meeting with Senator Jacqui Lambie.

With potentially harmful chemicals accumulating on children’s playgrounds around the country, researchers have studied how effective simple cleaning techniques may be.

A new partnership has been formed to stop suicide in the mining and oil and gas industries.

A new risk has been uncovered in the already dangerous world of fire-fighting.

New laws will remove the responsibility to report food-related deaths and disease outbreaks for some parties.

A new style of safety barrier will soon begin reducing deaths on the road.

Australia’s most sophisticated search and rescue helicopter has been unveiled.

Police say they were disturbed by the findings of a recent truck compliance sweep.

The United States Government is taking Australia’s lead and launching an investigation into links between pay rates and safety in the trucking industry.

A former union boss has backed the return of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), saying certain unions must be “brought to heel’’.

Outback airline pilots have been warned against relying only on sight to land, after a plane tried to tough down on a coal stockpile.

A WorkCover Queensland sweep of the retail sector has found an alarming lack of understanding among employers as to their workers’ compensation obligations.

Leaked government documents suggest workers for mining company Linc Energy were exposed to “uncontrolled releases” of gas in Queensland.

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