As fears about water fluoridation continue in several Australian regions, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says it will end the debate once and for all.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is investigating potential groundwater contamination from a fire-fighting chemical it used for over thirty years.

Poor risk management has been blamed for an accident that left a 26-year old drill rig operator in a wheelchair.

Residents have kept up pressure for the ACT Government to enhance its response to the deadly legacy of loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Queensland laws have prompted the developed of a brand new vehicle fire-suppression system.

An independent audit of Tasmanian mine safety says inspectors are over-worked and under-payed, among other issues.

Statistics show the message about quad-bike safety may be getting through to farmers, with a hint that the rate of deaths is dropping.

Cane growers say their safety systems need to step into the digital age; a warning that may be underscored as the cane harvest gets underway.

The Transport Workers Union may have been caught in a power-grabbing rort, after it was revealed that the union had bodged its numbers to get more sway in the Labor Party.

More than 1000 workers will go back to work after strike action at Sydney’s Barangaroo construction site, but it is unclear whether it will be on their terms or by court order.

As exercising trends toward the shorter and more intense, a new study could have the elderly going wild for a few seconds per day.

ACT Health has confirmed two cases of lung cancer appear to be linked to asbestos insulation.

Everything from finance to safety is set to take off at Airservices Australia, after some new figures were appointed to the Board.

Local experts in air safety will assist investigations into the recent attack which led to the deaths of dozens of Australians.

The young stars of tomorrow’s engineering world will face-off against each other in August.

Budget cuts could be deadly, as the World Health Organization struggles to stem outbreaks with fewer resources.

Reports say an engineer in New Zealand has been working for years, even after he was implicated in a major stadium collapse.

A new Environment Protection Authority (EPA) report says Canberra's air quality is excellent, but the city’s love of wood smoke heaters continues to push up pollution.

Tiny organic cages could be used to extract rare, valuable and sometimes deadly gases from the air.

Questions are being asked over the Defence Department’s decision to reject an Australian bid to supply $15 million worth of safety boots, after the contract was given to a company to make the boots in Indonesia.

Some MPs say remotely piloted aircraft put public safety and privacy at risk, and there should be new laws to protect them.

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