New figures show more trucks were tested and more safety issues uncovered as Operation Austrans continues.

New figures show a spike in mining-related deaths at work, up to the highest rate in over a decade.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is looking at legal action against a drone operator who allegedly hit a triathlon runner with an unmanned aircraft in Western Australia.

There has been some concern over the speed with which the Federal Government is changing disability support, with some advocates saying it is storming ahead with almost no consultation.

A faulty USB is being blamed for a NSW woman’s death, and has prompted calls to check that even low-power adapters are properly certified.

More than a third of all workers at Australian construction sites believe their workplace is not mentally safe.

A new ACT Government taskforce will be the key point of contact for Canberrans affected by asbestos insulation.

An online tool could spell an end to workplace disputes, disagreements, fights and furphies.

Speed limits on some key Queensland roads will stay the same, as the state looks to reduce its driving death toll.

Melbourne-based trucking company Cootes Transport has been hit with 67 counts of operating unsafe vehicles, after safety investigations crossed state lines.

A campaign is on in Western Australia urging prospectors not to get complacent on safety, as simple mistakes can turn quickly into real complications.

Hundreds of construction workers have returned to the site of the new hospital building in Adelaide this week, despite safety concerns prompting mass walk-offs last week.

A string of employers have backed Victorian Government moves to introduce random drug tests on all government consultation sites.

Three-hundred-and-thirty-seven people have died as the ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to worsen.

At a recent industry conference, a prominent environmental consultant said Australia and the world need to embrace nuclear power.

New research suggests the sun may be physically addictive.

The Federal Government has made it easier for councils to access funds from a $200 million pool for road safety projects.

A bill allowing fire-fighters to access automatic compensation for work-linked cancers has passed the upper house in South Australia.

The Australian Drug Foundation says one in five workers admit attending their job while under the influence of alcohol.

Legal changes in Queensland mean employers can request information about pre-existing injuries or medical conditions from potential workers.

A new Australian invention could see a massive reduction in wastewater at mine sites, while boosting value too.

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