The South Australian Government is calling for change in the way penalties are paid after workplace injury and death.

New research adds to the weight of known risks from BPA, the controversial compound used in many plastic food and drink containers.

WorkSafe ACT says it has found a complaint about bullying made by an ACT Ambulance Service paramedic was ignored, despite its seriousness.

A new report by an international aid group says Australian banks have been backing companies overseas that engage in illegal and immoral behaviour.

A dangerous gas fire may signal that time is up for one charcoal producer.

Australia’s biggest private builder is facing $9 million in fines after a wall collapse killed three people last year.

Environmentalists have launched another community-run survey about coal dust from trains, hoping to force companies to cover their wagons.

A team of chemical engineers is working on a way to reduce an entire water safety testing lab into a single pill.

Researchers are investigating whether coal seam gas (CSG) activity could be causing methane seeps in Queensland.

A bakery has been fined after animal droppings were found behind the building.

A pilot has been praised for his skill and courage after an emergency landing in Darwin.

Perth is considering allowing motorists to turn left at red lights, a rule that Brisbane has allowed but Sydney and Adelaide are looking at removing.

The Crane Industry Council of Australia has warned that counterfeit ‘green sticker’ safety certification is putting lives at risk.

Mounting opposition means work will stop at the fourth nuclear power plant on Taiwan.

As the government’s ‘razor gang’ sought out more budget cuts over the weekend, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews said tightening up checks on claims for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) would be a good start.

Safety concerns have pushed Fortescue Metals (FMG) to take over iron ore processing at its sites in the Pilbara.

An inquiry into an explosion in which a number of police officers were badly burned has questioned the fire rating of new uniforms.

The royal commission into the Federal Government’s ill-fated home insulation scheme has heard cancer-linked chemicals were present in some batts during the roll-out, which are still being sold today.

A new system is undergoing trials, one that may soon tell truck drivers what is around the corner or over the hill.

Volunteer fire-fighters should be compensated when extended bushfire efforts keep them from their families and work, a Local Government Association says.

Sydney water authorities have tried out a new set of sensors to gauge the health of waterways, turning to a natural alarm to check for contamination.

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