Both public concern and a possible class action are mounting, as a coal mine fire continues burying a Victorian town in smoke and fumes.

China has dusted off its idea to build an underwater rail tunnel across 123 kilometres of the Bohai Bay, which would be the world’s longest if it goes ahead.

A new company will soon take over a large range of operations at Australia’s offshore detention centres, with the tragedy of recent violence still echoing around the country.

The widespread failure of many trucks to register under the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has forced several states to step in and try to aid compliance.

The heads of trucking industry bodies are pushing for the Federal Government to bring in compulsory electronic stability control (ESC) on all heavy vehicles.

Fires in Victorian open-cut coal mines have created a major health risk, with hazardous smoke destroying air quality.

A memorial to honour over 1,400 people who have died in mining accidents should be unveiled soon, and authorities say they hope it remind current workers to think about safety.

If the call is made for confidential cabinet documents to be presented to the royal commission into the ‘pink batts’ scheme, Attorney-General George Brandis says the commissioner may keep their contents a secret.

On night shifts last week, three out of four Darwin ambulance crews did not include a qualified paramedic, but St John Ambulance has defended sending trainees onto the streets.

The Federal Government will investigate events at its detention centre on Manus Island, which left one asylum seeker dead and dozens wounded.

One of the chief figures in Australian aviation is stepping down, with CASA saying it will begin the search for a new director.

A partly union-owned health provider has been accused of forcing other medical services out of town, but says the claims are over-blown.

Cootes Transport has made a voluntary decision to take its entire Victorian fleet off the road, as safety concerns continue.

New maps should help truck drivers move faster and more safely through New South Wales.

The Queensland Attorney-General wants to impose new restrictions on workers’ union safety inspectors, requiring 24 hours notice before they enter a site.

Authorities say lives are at risk from the lack of uniform OHS laws on mine sites.

What seemed like an innocuous error has become a scandal in the healthcare bureaucracy after a potential conflict of interest in the Health Department.

New laws are being put in place to improve the health and safety of tourists, workers and residents in Darwin’s CBD.

Tens of thousands of residents have spent two days in darkness after dozens of power pole fires in Melbourne.

A smartphone app is helping the blind stay mobile with public transport, giving up-to-the-minute location and stop information that is often lacking.

New asbestos contamination has forced the closure of several buildings at a public high school, but the state’s Education Department is downplaying the risk.

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