Reports have labelled a multi-million dollar entertainment centre project in Queensland a severely “dodgy worksite”.

Sydney bus drivers say the lives of many are being put at risk by their intense timetables.

The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will continue its heavy vehicle compliance check spree, after a successful campaign targeting trucks on highways.

A new report has found just how overworked Australians are, and what a threat it can be to mental and physical health and safety.

Over four hundred serious injuries took place on Tasmanian farms last year; as a result they will be the focus of safety seminars all throughout WorkSafe Month.

A hopeful contender for the leadership of the Labor party says he will work from the Opposition to create a nation-wide rehabilitation program for workers.

A Standards Australia Committee in charge of making sure children’s furniture is safe as possible has received and award for its efforts – but the work never stops.

A Brazilian company has launched the world’s first environmentally friendly hard hat – protecting heads from harm and the earth from humans.

A night of wild weather has caused chaos on construction sites in Melbourne, prompting Victorian safety authorities to remind workers to strap down what they aren’t willing to lose.

A report says the figures behind the construction of the site for the 2022 FIFA world cup have been working their people to death, and will have to answer for a significant toll by the time the stadiums are complete.

South Australian ambulance officers will experience an Australian-first in safety management.

Farm machinery dealers say the safety message about quad-bikes may finally be getting through.

A bill which would have set a compensation standard for fire-fighters with specific cancers has been extinguished in the Victorian Senate.

There is a push on in Queensland to patch up compensation laws which some say are unnecessarily skewed.

A major investigation has been launched to try to decipher how two Qantas jets with hundreds of passengers between them came within a mere 215 metres of each over the southern coast of Australia.

A memorial has honoured the victims of mine sites in New South Wales, and encouraged current workers to be mindful of the many dangers in the industry.

WorkSafe Victoria has introduced a streamlined Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Bill to Parliament.

Prison overcrowding could be creating an increasingly dangerous work environment for staff, according to the Law Institute of Victoria.

The International Transport Federation wants to see a mandatory weight limit for shipping containers criss-crossing the world’s oceans, warning of vast dangers posed by unweighed or mis-declared loads.

A total funding pool of nearly half a million dollars has been put up for investigator-driven research in Australia.

The New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services has taken stock of the year’s progress in asbestos management, reaffirming the government’s pledge to deal with the ongoing fallout from decades of exposure.

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