A new report published by the Federal Government’s National Transport Commission (NTC) says a consistent set of road rules and vehicle standards across the country could improve road safety.

The Victorian Country Fire Authority may have some serious budgetary concerns if claims allow fire-fighters direct access to compensation for work-related cancers.

The Community and Public Sector Union is claiming budget cuts and uncertainty following sackings have lead to widespread bullying in the sector.

Truck drivers have accused major supermarket chains of forcing them to meet ridiculous deadlines, compromising their safety and that of other road-users too.

Integral security and safety components of some potentially dangerous devices have been tampered with at a Queensland mine site, leading to police involvement.

Authorities have identified the vessel responsible for an oil spill at the Port of Brisbane over the weekend, where work has stopped at several sites while environmental officers try to deal with the damage.

Concerns have been raised about the conditions for workers at Melbourne’s Station Pier.

Unions in Tasmania are hoping tougher penalties accompanying new workplace regulations will drive home the importance of safety on the job.

New statistics have shown one person dies at a Western Australian workplace every 21 days, prompting the state's unions to push for a greater focus on safety at work.

A recent education campaign may have helped reduce the number of truck drivers caught in a sweep of compliance enforcement this year.

The Red Cross has launched a cheeky reminder of the importance of proper first aid training and facilities at work.

Deafness and other noise injuries are becoming an increasing issue for the farming community, according to the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (ACAHS).

A recent investigation has uncovered high dioxin levels in household and agricultural pesticides.

Food safety inspectors have conducted a sweep of Brisbane restaurants this year, and combined with complaints and other submissions have found an alarming lack of compliance.

A report released by Safe Work Australia has shown workers are getting back on the job sooner after injuries.

A Victorian opposition MP is claiming the safety of regional train passengers at risk because V/Line trains are breaching passenger safety load limits on every service line.

The Australian Drug Foundation says alcohol and drug use costs Australian businesses $5.2 billion a year in diminished productivity and absenteeism.

Victorian motorists are at risk every day with reports around a quarter of service stations fail to meet crucial safety standards.

This week is National Safety Week for one of the most unassuming yet dangerous worksites in the county; the farm.

An internal report has found serious deficiencies in the operation, safety and management of the country's skies.

The fallout from a truck crash on the Bolte Bridge in May continues, with authorities using it as evidence safety laws should be overhauled.

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