The Offshore Alliance has undertaken a second 24-hour strike at Chevron's liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities in Western Australia. 

The move follows an initial 24-hour strike that concluded on Sunday, and workers intend to extend their industrial action for an additional two weeks until mid-October.

An unnamed Offshore Alliance spokesperson told reporters; “Another 24-hour stoppage has been initiated across all three facilities, with 15 per cent of Downstream members implementing rolling stoppages and bans after midday today”. 

Daily meetings will reportedly be convened to determine the possibility of further strikes.

Chevron has not commented on the ongoing strikes, saying only that it is committed to maintaining safe and dependable operations in the event of disruptions. 

The company has also petitioned Australia's industrial tribunal to intervene and halt the strikes, with a hearing scheduled for Friday.

Chevron's Australian LNG facilities constitute more than 5 per cent of the global supply, but industry analysts suggest that these strikes are likely to be temporary and present minimal market risk. 

Key gas buyers have already stockpiled sufficient inventory in preparation for the upcoming northern hemisphere winter, mitigating potential supply disruptions.