APS Commissioner Gordon de Brouwer says psychosocial safety is central to an ideal workplace.

In a recent address at the national Work Health Awards hosted by Comcare, de Brouwer said psychosocial safety underpins trust, integrity, and overall productivity within the public service. 

He said a document will soon be released on the employee value proposition (EVP) for government employees.

The commitment to building a model workplace extends to various initiatives, including negotiations for workplace flexibility, wage agreements, and a review of the Maternity Leave Act. 

De Brouwer said the secretaries board has a focused approach to safety, particularly in discussions about psychosocial safety through its special subcommittee, “the future of work”.

De Brouwer emphasised the economic benefits of a committed and safe workplace, including increased productivity, reduced time off due to injuries, enhanced reporting, and lower premiums for agencies. 

Additionally, he outlined reform initiatives, such as the SES 100 initiative to boost First Nations representation in SES ranks and a target of 5 per cent employment of ATSI staff in the public service.

The APSC's mental health and suicide prevention unit has collaborated with Comcare and the Department of Defence to develop tools, including a psychosocial hazards framework, relational leadership training, and a mental health capability framework. 

More details are accessible here.