The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has reiterated its opposition to the Federal Government’s planned Road Safety Remuneration Bill, saying that it will not improve safety on Australian roads.


"Ai Group strongly believes that a narrow focus on how, and how much, drivers are paid is not an effective way to address road safety," Chief Executive Heather Ridout said


Ai Group has remained staunchly opposed to the Bill that would establish a new Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal that would have the authority to determine pay rates in a bid to ensure that dangerous delivery practices aren’t followed by employers.


"The Bill would establish a new Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal with the power to make road safety remuneration orders for owner drivers and employee drivers, to override road transport contracts, awards and enterprise agreements which are less beneficial to a driver,” Mrs Ridout said.


"The remuneration arrangements in the Bill are at odds with the position that the Fair Work Act and modern awards provide a safety net for employees, and that enterprise agreements have an important role to play. The Bill has the potential to undermine the integrity of essential elements of the Fair Workworkplace relations system.


"The establishment of the new Tribunal would distract Government and industry attention and resources away from the measures which are widely recognised as improving safety, such as: risk identification and control; improved roads; fatigue management; education and training; drug and alcohol policies; use of technology; and strong compliance and enforcement mechanisms," Mrs Ridout said.