Production has stopped at a nuclear medicine facility in Sydney after workers were exposed to radiation.

A nurse has been stabbed in the neck after leaving work at a South Australian hospital.

An engineers’ report has found Sydney’s Mascot Towers are “moving downward”.

Experts say hospitals should reduce broad-spectrum antibiotic use in the fight against golden staph.

Authorities are trying to contact thousands of patients who were potentially injected with expired vaccines by two Sydney GPs.

The Federal Government is reportedly looking to improve whistleblower protections for public servants.

Production at a remote Rio Tinto mine has been suspended due to safety concerns.

A national review has been launched after complaints about drone noise.

Insiders say there is a “crisis of confidence” in the NSW building industry following issues with high rises.

Boeing has admitted it made a “mistake” in handling a gltich that led to two fatal crashes, killing over 300 people.

A new national strategy has been launched to help Australians living with chronic pain.

Recent attacks have led to calls for higher safety standards for NSW paramedics.

The Northern Territory Government has cleared remaining roadblocks to exploration fracking.

Perth City council is setting up facial recognition cameras despite privacy concerns.

BHP has unveiled its new ‘Tailings Taskforce’ in the wake of the dam disasters in Brazil.

Authorities are annoyed at a Taiwanese shipping company’s sluggish efforts to pick up 81 containers it lost near Newcastle.

The quad bike industry is trying to fight new safety rules.

The Queensland Government is funding a mobile health screening service for coal workers.

A gynaecologist and inventor of transvaginal mesh devices has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

The Fair Work Ombudsmen (FWO) has found Uber drivers are not employees.

WA Police are turning to AI for digital evidence, hoping to massively reduce investigation times.

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