Health and Safety Manager - Compliance & Risk - Cross River Rail Delivery Authority - OHSCareer

First listed on: 13 September 2020

Health and Safety Manager - Compliance & Risk 

The purpose of the position is to work closely with the Director Safety and Program Delivery Teams to deliver high level advice and systems support across the safety assurance, compliance and risk programs, while ensuring health and safety on the project aligns with legislative requirements, operational plans and contractual requirements. The position reports to the Director, Safety within the Program Delivery function.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop programs to ensure the provision of safety assurance, audits, risk management and incident investigations are delivered, coordinated and managed in a consistent approach across the project.
  • Provide oversight, updates and analysis on non-conforming or high-risk safety trends and activities across the project.
  • Design third party safety assurance audit requirements and monitor the development and effectiveness of subsequent safety treatment plans.
  • Develop CRRDA's Safety Critical Risk Profile and associated controls, ensuring a process is in place that monitors, updates and reports on compliance and effectiveness.
  • Ensure that CRRDA's health and Safety standards are observed across all active sites, ensuring that their interpretation is consistently applied.
  • Prepare reports, which communicate valid and comprehensive recommendations based on the analysis and interpretation of accident, audit and critical risk verification findings.
  • Develop supporting tools and processes to support management in safety assurance activities from a third party perspective.
  • Provide advice, coaching and mentoring to CRRDA management in the areas of assurance, safety oversight, critical risk verifications and incident investigation reviews.
  • Provide coordination and support in relation to critical safety risk reviews as the project moves through different lifecycles and work fronts of the project.
  • Manage the coordination of timelines and CRRDA actions in relation to significant project safety incidents and system audit outcomes.
  • Ensure the CRRDA's safety approaches, standards and practices are consistent across the business
  • Establish systems that measure safety performance and drive appropriate behaviours to prevent incidents and at-risk behaviours
Applications close: September 24, 2020