Health Sector Workforce 2019 Conference


To meet the ever-increasing demands of the future – from a patient experience perspective and more importantly, from a staffing perspective, healthcare organisations need to take hard look at their current recruitment models. But are they robust enough to enable the organisation to thrive in the future?

At the Health Sector Workforce 2019 Conference (Sydney, 24-26 June), you will explore new approaches to workforce planning and hear insights from 20 + healthcare practitioners, helping you to:

  • Become an employer of choice
  • Attract and retain the right talent 
  • Identify skill gaps and creating opportunities for workforce development 
  • Scale up succession planning and talent development
  • Manage generational workforce challenges
  • Address challenges in rural and metropolitan areas 
  • Utilise data
  • Redefine flexibility
  • Explore culture change and leadership
  • Prioritise staff health, wellbeing and resilience

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