Enhancing Investigation & Enforcement Outcomes



LOCATION: Canberra                                                                        
EVENT TIME: 18th & 19th September 2018
ORGANISATION: Criterion Conferences
LINK: http://go.criterionconferences.com/7114-gc
CONTACT NAME: Criterion Conferences
CONTACT PHONE: 02 9239 5700
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Regulators work within a resource-constrained environment and despite this, are being asked to do what they do - quicker. Knowing what investigations to prioritise and what enforcement actions to take is not easy, and done poorly, can hinder outcomes and broader impacts to the regulated community.

The Enhancing Investigation & Enforcement Outcomes conference will bring together regulatory agencies to share the innovative tools and strategies to enhance the efficiency of investigations and to demonstrate the decision-making processes behind enforcement actions.

Guest speakers will share how investigation and enforcement outcomes are defined and achieved. Attendees will learn how to effectively use information from investigations to influence future industry behaviour.     

Topics to be explored

  • Prioritise and define investigation outcomes and how to achieve them
  • Collaborate internally and across agencies to achieve effective outcomes
  • Employ the latest technologies to enhance compliance
  • Understand common deficiencies in investigations and best practices
  • Examine criminal versus civil enforcement actions
  • Overcoming common barriers to timely and effective enforcement

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Hear from a terrific lineup of speakers including:

  • Chris Kummerow, Principal Prosecutor, Regulatory & Legal Services, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Tien Tran, Managing Principal Solicitor, Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement, Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office
  • Steve Watson, National Manager, Compliance and Investigations, Housing and Tenancy Services, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment NZ
  • Kevin Rowley, Manager, Investigations and Emergency Response, Environmental Protection Authority SA
  • + Many more. Download the event program to see the full speaker lineup

Who will attend?

Federal, state and local government regulatory agencies, government departments, and associations with responsibility for:

  • Compliance & Enforcement
  • Investigations
  • Prosecutions
  • Regulatory Operations


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