As robots begin to have an increasing presence in our lives, it is likely that they will greatly annoy some people, luckily, researchers are planning for this.

Prospectors are being urged to take better safety precautions, after the suspected death of one missing man and a series of costly searches.

An important gap has been filled to enhance safety and equality at work sites of all kinds.

A new report has found the source of more than half of New South Wales bus fires.

The South Australian Transport Department is looking for a little bit more data before releasing its report into speed limits on country roads.

Over 120,000 items have been recalled from Myer, Just Jeans, Target and other major outlets, after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a warning about a potentially deadly dye.

Global experts have converged to discuss just how dodgy implants find their way into patients, trying to end the plague of poorly designed orthopaedic devices.

The advance of solar energy is linked to the surfaces on which panels can be stuck, and a new project adds roads and highways to that list.

Nano-technicians have developed a new fabric that kills a range of infectious bacteria in minutes.

Transport operators and authorities will be able to boost safety through better communication, with the launch of the National Road Safety Partnership Program.

Health authorities say any exposure to diesel soot can cause life-threatening conditions in children and adults.

A device which will likely save some farmers’ lives has won “Best New Safety Product or Innovation” award at Agfest.

Researchers have warned that the dangers of large lead smelters are going unchecked.

The royal commission into the Rudd government’s home insulation scheme continues, and comments of some authorities have shown just how rushed the plan was.

Energy engineers say floating nuclear power plants could avoid some of the pitfalls of their land-based predecessors.

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