WorkCover New South Wales has reminded property owners, operators and workers to take extreme care when carrying out farm work, following a serious injury of a grazier in the Southern Highlands.

The man’s arm was crushed when it was caught by the lowering tipper of a truck after it had just unloaded 20 tonnes of fertiliser onto the ground. The truck driver was completing paper work and not properly monitoring the area around the truck.

General Manager of WorkCover’s Work Health and Safety Division John Watson said working on farms can be dangerous if safety is not a priority.

“The serious injury or death of a loved one in a workplace incident can have a devastating effect on family, friends and colleagues, and with many agricultural roles involving work in remote or isolated areas away from emergency assistance, maintaining farm safety is vital,” Mr Watson said.

“The most common injuries on farms and related businesses involve mobile plant and vehicles including tractors, quad bikes and machinery.”

As part of WorkCover’s Focus on Industry Program, the industry sectors with the highest risks of injuries are receiving support to improve safety.  

Mr Watson said in the agriculture sector, sheep and beef cattle farming had been made a priority after being identified as one of the State’s highest risk industries.

“Farmers and farm workers deal with work health and safety risks on a daily basis and are well placed to contribute to the development of work health and safety solutions,” Mr Watson said.