The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) have co-developed the country’s first Diploma of Integrated Risk Management targeted specifically at the country’s public sector.


“Reducing risk and improving risk management is a key priority for VMIA and the State of Victoria,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO of VMIA, which delivers risk management and insurance services on behalf of the State.


“When we undertook a survey of risk managers across the Victorian Public Sector (VPS), we found 70% had learned on the job rather than through formal education.


“Despite the growing attention to the risk management sector, and the important role of risk management in a business partnership model, there are limited opportunities for professionals to gain accredited qualifications in this field.


The Diploma is set to include four modules covering risk management, general insurance, integrated risk management and management of specific risk exposures.


Each module costs $800 and the entire Diploma costs $3200 to complete. Enrolments for the Diploma will be open in late July, with the first intake to undertake the diploma between August and November.