Victoria has set up a new code to protect tradies from silicosis.

The state’s new code of conduct sets out employers' obligations to provide a safe environment for people cutting engineered stone.

It has been created in the wake of a ban on the dry-cutting of engineered stone introduced last year by the Andrews government.

The government has been running a health screening program for stonemasons, who are most at risk of contracting silicosis.

The incurable and fatal disease is caused when particles are released by materials such as artificial stone benchtops when they dry cut.

Workers develop the condition after inhaling tiny particles of silica dust, leading to lung scarring and breathing difficulties.

“This code of conduct has been developed by the experts - all employers should be using it to reduce the risks of their workers of contracting deadly silicosis,” Workplace Safety Minister Jill Hennessy said in a statement.

“Where a worker contracts silicosis, any failure to adhering to the code may also be used as evidence in criminal proceedings against that employer.”

WorkSafe has made 1,240 visits to workplaces in recent months, issuing 436 compliance notices for employers to improve their silica dust safeguards.

State and federal workplace regulators agreed last year to officially reduce the national silica workplace exposure standard.