Public health advocates are concerned about the closure of sexual health clinics in Adelaide.

A number of SHINE SA clinics across Adelaide are set to close after SA Government funding cuts flagged in September's state budget.

“It is with regret that we give you this early warning of pending SHINE SA clinic closures at Davoren Park and Noarlunga, planned to occur in February 2019,” the organisation said in a statement.

“The sexual health sector has been one of the hardest impacted sectors.”

SHINE (Sexual Health Information Networking and Education) says it was “forced to close” two suburban clinics and an HIV counselling service in Adelaide's CBD after losing $547,000 per year in funding.

The Government appears surprised.

“Similar services interstate are operating more efficiently. We think there are more opportunities for SHINE to access Medicare revenue,” Health Minister Stephen Wade said.

“They need to think again about how they can more cost-effectively deliver services. It's a 9 per cent reduction in the grant but they're talking about a 50 per cent reduction in their clinics.

“I really question their decision to close the northern clinic and the southern clinic — two areas where there is a particularly high socioeconomic need.”

The closures were announced in the same week as a syphilis outbreak was declared in Adelaide.