Tough new e-cigarette laws are now in force in SA.

The new laws mean minors will have limited access to shisha devices and e-cigarettes, while the use of e-cigarettes has been banned in non-smoking areas.

Additionally, online sales of the devices have been banned.

The new legislation, which came into effect on Sunday, also includes a definition for shisha tobacco, which is smoked using an Arabic-style hookah pipe.

The state government says it wants to limit the pathways for minors to progress to smoking tobacco.

“There will be a six-month transition period for retailers to make some of the required changes to their business,” Health Minister Stephen Wade said.

“This will provide time to remove displays, advertising, and online sales of e-cigarette products.”

SA's Director of Drug and Alcohol Services Marina Bowshall says the “unknown” risk of e-cigarettes means more research is needed.

“The new laws take a precautionary approach aiming to protect the health of the community, including children, while still allowing adults to access these products,” she said.