Authorities have identified the vessel responsible for an oil spill at the Port of Brisbane over the weekend, where work has stopped at several sites while environmental officers try to deal with the damage.

A transport ship spilled up to 10 tonnes of oil along a 1.4 kilometres stretch of water on Sunday night, leading to outrage from environmentalists and port safety authorities.

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection officials and rangers have been searching for animals caught up in the spill, so far identifying up to four pelicans and a cormorant which would need to be caught and cleaned.

Special boom-arms have been brought in to contain the spill before it can be collected; Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson has warned the cleanup efforts could take more than a week.

The Transport Minister has also said authorities have identified the vessel believed to be responsible. The spill could lead to individual fine of up to 550-thousand dollars, or 11 million plus cleanup costs for the company.