A patient bringing a loaded gun into the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is the latest in what one union says is an escalating rate of violence.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is pushing for a more coordinated approach to combat violence in hospitals.

ANMF secretary Elizabeth Dabars says the union has been inundated with reports that nurses no longer feel safe at their place of work.

“Regrettably we are hearing all too often of just about everyone having a terrible story or a terrifying situation, where either it is a case of a knife or a gun,” Ms Dabars told the ABC.

“Obviously that's not as frequent, [but] everyone seems to have a story about being spat on or punched at or kicked at.”

The union has come up with a “10 point plan” to boost security and highlight risks to workplace safety.

The Opposition said SA’s Marshall Government is not moving fast enough to protect nurses and doctors in the public hospital system.

Shadow Health Minister Chris Picton said recommendations should be taken from those on the frontline.

“The nurses union's plan to increase protection for nurses in hospitals needs to be treated very seriously by the Government,” he said.

“Steps should be taken to implement that as much as possible.”

The Government says it is undertaking a statewide review.