A new app has been launched to help keep workers safe in the ACT.

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe launched the app late yesterday which will “make it very easy for practitioners in the field to access our legislation and all of our guidance material, even if they are on a site with poor or no internet access. The app is completely free and is a fantastic resource for anyone involved with work health and safety in the ACT,” he said.

Workplace safety in the ACT is of greater use Apple users apparently, with the app not available on other devices. Mr McCabe says for those who do own an Apple device, there is plenty of handy information contained within.

“It enables users to sift through WorkSafe ACT’s work health and safety legislation, regulations and guidance material to find all the documents relating to a particular subject with just one search. The app is ideal for those working out in the field who want to access legislation and/or guidance material at the click of a button,” McCabe says.

“The documents are stored within the app, so an internet connection is not essential if the user is in the field, providing a really valuable resource. Where an internet connection is available, it is a simple matter to update the App so that it includes any recent additions or variations to the source documents.”

The territory’s WorkSafe authority says it is now looking at enhancements for version two of the app, and considering exploring a version which would allow Android users access to the same information.

The WorkSafe ACT app is available at the Apple App Store.