The Australian agriculture sector remains one of the highest-risk places to work, and authorities are holding special events to try to reduce the toll.

In 2013, agriculture saw the second highest number of fatalities of any industry, with 50 recorded deaths.

That number was down to 46 fatalities in 2014, and there have been six so far for 2015.

In an attempt to maintain the downward trend, National Farm Safety Week is on again.

This year it will run from Monday 20 – Friday 24 July, aiming to raise awareness of safety issues on Australian farms.

The theme for Farm Safety Week 2015 is “Safe Farms = Better Productivity”.

Safety authorities have published the following tips and a handy infographic in preparation for this year’s campaign.

Safety Tips

Safe operation of tractors requires;
• operation by a competent person
• up to date maintenance
• power take-off (PTO) output shaft guards
• driver’s seat starters, not the ground
• the operator must not get on or off a moving tractor or trailer
• people are separated from moving tractors/vehicles
• there is clear access/egress to the property
• where suitable passenger vehicle access to work locations is not available, workers walk to and from such locations
• the location/height of power lines and required equipment clearance is known
• chocks are used when doing maintenance on working or raised implements.
(Source: Work Safe Victoria)

Quad Safety Tips:
• Vehicle Choice, ask yourself is the quad the most appropriate vehicle to do the job?
• Fitting a suitable crush protection device (CPD) to the quad bike;
• Keep up with maintenance and tyre inflation following manufacturers’ recommendations;
• DO NOT allow persons under 16 years old to operate a quad
• DO NOT carry passengers;
• DO NOT carry or tow
• Always wear a helmet

(Source: Farmsafe Australia)