Experts have warned that the growing amount of food delivery cyclists and riders require better safety education.

With the rise of Deliveroo, Uber Eats and similar services, more and more cyclists and scooter-riders are hitting the road each week.

Ben Wilson, general manager of Bicycle Queensland, said it exposed a need for more education.

“Major fast food chains are doing deals with these delivery companies which means there's an explosion of riders and it needs to be addressed,” Mr Wilson told ABC Radio this week.

“There's a nature to who is doing these jobs ... it's a bit like fruit picking; it's hard to find a local doing it.

“It's often young people from overseas who jump on a bike and away they go.”

Mr Wilson said riders often relied on mobile phone GPS, which put them in unsafe situations.

“There's been some horrendous stories where young riders who are not familiar with Brisbane have found themselves on major roads because the phone app they've used hasn't been set to bicycle,” Mr Wilson said.

“It's put them on roads they are prohibited to be on, so there's an issue here that needs to be addressed.”

Bicycle Queensland is speaking to the State Government about training for riders.

“When it's a professional service, it's a fair call to say there should be an education process,” he said.

“It should be a company directive to put in a good education process with the delivery riders.

“To their credit, we've had one business come to us so far, but [overall] actions have been too slow.”